The wannabe designer who fell in love with writing code and ended up as something in between the two

I wanted to become a designer. One of those people who make pretty things. Things that make people go "wow". But that didn't happen because somewhere on the way I found a little thing called "code" and for some reason I found writing code much more fun.

But still, I like to make pretty things and I like to make pretty things useful so I guess thats why I love to work with Flash and "the new web" (html5, css3, canvas and so on). It's not only about loading and saving stuff in a database, it's something you can see, something that can be, you guessed it, pretty yet useful. I like to call it "creative code".

I guess that is why I do what I do, a passion for making pretty things that people can use and really enjoy. How I make them is not important, it's the end result that counts.